CAMPING VACATION-With in tents suffering.

Hi Bill: Just a few email lines re our great family camping adventure. You should try it w/ Helen & lil Billy. Thisll be 1 of those special vacations Mildred, Tommy & I will always remember. Theyre emailing Helen & Billy now, sitting in front of our campfire.

Our new tent made quite an impression. Campers came 2 help me put it up. I love it. Camping brings down the barriers. You can make some BFs. TTYL about the chx in the next site. They need a lot of help & Im happy to oblige.

The 1st night I built a bonfire 2 sit around & swap stories. B4 I knew it other campers came over. An OK evening…..Im the cook. Women cant cope in the wilds. I made 2 great dishes, Chuckwagon chili and Frontier flapjacks. Tommy loves em. Its gratifying…….We took a nature walk 2day & I gave pointers on flora & fauna. Mildred asked about the places we could see from atop the mtn. Ranger Joe just pulled up. Probably wants to swap Rx’s. CU later. Rgds, Herb.

Dear Helen: Greetings from Camp Misery. This has been 1 of the most awful wks in my entire life. I dont hv 1 unbroken nail & my hair is a rats nest. I cant believe todays families will actually pay to stay someplace where the toilets are barely within walking distance.

Its been an endurance contest. Tommy enjoys it but he’s young & doesn’t know better. Herb claims its the best vacation ever for him. He’s either lying or Ive got to kp a closer eye on those 2 pole dancers next door…….I did hv some laughs. Herb putting up the tent e.g. At 1 pt he was lashed to the center pole. Some vet campers got him loose & put the tent up. On todays hike Herb had a garter snake run up his pants leg. I never knew he was a soprano. Then he fell into some poison ivy & I had to wash him down later with bleach. He still smells like a laundromat.

The bonfire disaster wasnt funny. Ill tell you about it later. Herbs meals arent funny either. I just smile & try not to gag on his Upchuck Chili and Faulty flapjacks……Today I asked him to point out Rt 46 when we were up on the mtn. Now that I hv an escape rte Ill try to convince him to take us home or Ill make a break for it with Tommy. 3 cheers for the great indoors! Love, Mildred.

Hi Billy. Camping is neato! I havent had to take a bath for days & my Dad has been real funny trying to put up the tent & bldg a fire so big & smokey that people were choking & getting really mad. But then 2 trees and a trailer caught fire and we had to carry buckets from the bathrooms. What fun!

The 2 ladies next to us are a pain. Every time I want Dad to take me fishing they have a clothesline to put up or wood to chop. I only went on 1 hike & saw just 1 snake & that was for a few seconds. Those ladies shouldnt be camping anyway. They just sit around in little swimsuits getting sunburned.

Dad says we have to help people in need & hes always looking over there to see if they need help. Today he walked into a big tree. Ranger Joe just came. I bet its about the sick racoons. 3 of them were doubled up by the garbage cans & they took em to a vet. I think it mighta been Dad’s chili. Ranger Joe is now telling Dad to bury our leftovers.

Tomorrow me and Mom are going hitchhiking, but we’re not telling Dad. It’s a surprise, she said. Your BF, Tommy.

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