Once upon a time about a kilo years ago Old King Cyber summoned his Royal Server, Count Algo Rithm and said he wanted to post the text of a new proclamation throughout his domain.

“It’s a very important message dealing with debugging infested sites ,” he said. “And I don’t want it to get misdirected or fall apart as it’s delivered from portal to portal.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” said the Count. “I’ll see that it’s delivered in a secure mode and virtually carved in stone. It will be a safe hard copy.”

“Good, and I’d like Sir Google, our best messenger, to be the server.”

“Not possible, Sire. Sir Google is down with something.”

“Google is down? Is it a virus?”

“Not to worry, Sire. It isn’t fatal. He fell ill after your last feast. Dr. Geek says it’s just a case of too many cookies. He’ll have Sir Google’s system restored in a few days.”

“Then how about Google’s squire Yahoo?”

“Alas, Sire, Squire Yahoo was hacked by that rogue knight Sir Malware. His mail was fatally penetrated. We can only pray that brave Yahoo is now happily dwelling on a heavenly cloud.”

“I intend to deal with that wily Sir Malware who’s been swindling the peasants for years and what was his cruel boast about stealing from the poor farmers?

“He called it ‘serfing’, Sire, ‘serfing the domain’.”

So then we’re down to Sir Twitter, ” the King sighed.

“I regret to report Sir Twitter is also unavailable, Your Majesty, having crashed into the castle’s firewall while jousting yesterday.

“So Google is down, Yahoo has been hacked and Twitter has crashed. I’ll have to do my own messaging, Count. Have my chariot brought out.”

“Take care, Sire. It’s a virtual jumgle out there. It will be a very hard drive.”

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