I sneaked in once, soon after dark

to the famous zoo in Central Park

to watch the animals romp and play

when all their keepers were away.

I must admit, I was surprised

to see they were so organized.

The wily chimpanzees

had filched a set of keys,

and working fast, in stages

they’d opened all the cages.

The big cats leaped.

The serpants creeped

and soon the playful monkeys

rode the miniature donkeys.

Polar bears in icy pools

were breaking some of Nature’s rules,

asking penguins and eager seals

to join them in their seafood meals.

The key was found to the Snacks Arcade.

Soon Jumbo inhaled the lemonade.

Some weiners went to a grizzly bear,

but Leo took the lion’s share.

I had no knowledge in advance

that every beast just loves to dance.

There is no mammal, now I know

can boogie like a big rhino.

As dawn approached I heard a gong

and a huge gorilla, name of Kong

climbed an ancient hickory tree,

Oh my God, right next to me!

“Friends,” he roared and called for quiet

and managed to subdue the riot.

“We’ve had a night of harmless fun,

but look east now. Here comes the sun.

Now go to your dens in this pretty park

and make it as peaceful as Noah’s Ark.”

All turned to leave as the sky grew bright

and I heard a chimp shout, “See y’all tonight.”

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