Lord, I hope You’re sitting in tonight. I really need Your help. I’m down to a small pile of chips after losing a huge pot, and I had four sixes, for God’s sake! Oh, sorry about that Lord. It’s just an expression, almost a prayer, wouldn’t You say? Anyway, Pete won with a straight flush, and good for him. I’ve always liked Pete even though he’s not a churchgoer. I’m sure you’ve noticed that and his cussing, but down deep he’s really a swell guy. I don’t believe half the things his wife says about him, not half. She’s been miffed about him not working at the food bank with the rest of us twice a year.

Goodness knows, I’m not asking You to break any rules, but if You would sit behind Pete during this five-card stud game, You could help me and, if I happen to win, my church donation next Sunday would be several dollars larger. I’m showing four spade cards to a flush, a fairly good-looking hand on display out there. Everyone but Pete has folded. It’s just me against him, the fallen Methodist, who shows four cards to a straight.

Unfortunately, my hole card is the jack of clubs and doesn’t make a pair. I’m trying to look confident, but I’m not sure it’s convincing. Pete’s big smile might also be a bluff. If only I knew more about his hole card, just some little hint, nothing specific. Lord, if You could……. WOW! Wasn’t that the loudest clap of thunder you guys ever heard? Pete, you didn’t hear that thunder? My ears are still ringing! Well, I guess I’ll fold. And look at that, Pete. I see my jack-high hand would have beaten your busted straight. Well, good for you, Pete. Lord knows you deserved to win.

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