We don’t know who invented pockets, but that genius should be given credit in encyclopedias and history books. One historian claims pockets became common in the late 15th century.which was when Columbus discovered America during an era of worldwide exploration. There might be a connection. Pockets did widen horizons as well as our trousers. Who knows? The Roman Empire might still be in power today if they had installed pockets in their togas.

Women seem to resist the benefits of commodious pockets and prefer to lug their bulky expensive handbags around which leaves them with only one free arm and that is often holding a cellphone. Men prefer to be two-fisted and have always embraced pockets, the more the roomier.

Thanks to pockets, I’m not worried about the threat to outlaw plastic bags. I’ll be ready. I’ve got the personal capacity to almost do away with bags altogether. I took inventory the other day when I was dressed for cold weather. There were six spacious pockets in my ski jacket, four in my jeans plus two more pockets within pockets and a huge pouch in my hoodie that’s equal to at least four average pockets. In a pinch I could have the checkout guy load some small items into my hood.

It would be a different situation in summer without the ski jacket and hoodie, but then I’d be wearing my cargo Bermudas. If I wear suspenders to make sure the shorts don’t go to half-staff before I reach my car, I’d still be able to accommodate an average food shopping payload. For larger loads there’s my backpack which is actually a megapocket. If they start putting wheels on those big wine boxes, I’ll be all set.

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