As a young boy I approached my father with an important question. “Dad, am I being raised by a single mother?”

“Yes, my son,” he replied, “and you’re very fortunate. In later years you will have double mothers and probably triple. Your life will become much more complicated I’m afraid.”

“I don’t understand, Dad.”

“Well, Son, while you’re very young your life is pretty much in the hands of your mom, your birth mother.  I am your birth father and you can always come to me for advice on important matters like selecting fishing lures and kite flying, and with requests for allowance advances and, much later, for the car keys.  Eventually you will be asking me to explain women to you and I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. I am not qualified.

“Then one eventful day, probably the most important day in your life, you will fall in love. If you’re lucky the young lady will have the same tender feelings about you and you will marry and your wife will become your second mother.  Your mom, your birth mother,  will never let go and your wife’s mother will rightly assume she has gained a son.

“This triumvirate will have opinions and give you advice, sometimes conflicting, on many important aspects of your life from then on.  Fortunately,  you will retain complete freedom of action in some areas like selecting fishing lures and kite flying.”

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