“The weather bureau is too often a non-prophet organization”……”Inflation happens when too many merchants stop making a living and start making a killing.”……”Our group discussion about getting along with others was a partial success. There were no serious injuries.”…..”I finally figured out Einstein’s theory of relativity and it’s about time,”…..Our camping trip was a disaster. The suffering was in tents.”

Those are blog ideas that my muse sends me from time to time but she just tantalizes me with these nuggets and refuses to help me expand them. My pockets are filled with scraps of paper on which I’ve scribbled these raw ideas. Last week I handed what I thought was a deposit slip to a young bank teller. It could have been a very serious mistake.

“What does this mean?” she asked nervously. “Your note: ‘Happiness isn’t everything. You can’t buy money.’? She was reaching for the alarm button, but I quickly convinced her that laughter, not larceny, was intended.

I like to think Thalia, the Greek goddess of comedy, is my prompter. I’m sure it’s one member of the Mount Olympus inspirational team. I can detect a Greek accent with every message. But sometimes I fear I might be dealing with Melpomene who’s in charge of tragedy. Like when I was driving “slightly” over the speed limit on Route 80 when I suddenly got this muse-o-gram: “To succeed, try getting something on the ball. Failing that, try getting something on your boss.” While I was considering this ripe idea I almost rear-ended a State Trooper’s cruiser.

I’ve been unable to expand any of these quips into full-fledged blogs. Feel free to use them in your blog or at your next cocktail party. WAIT A MINUTE! There are a couple of incomings ! “Remember when ‘high fidelity’ only referred to successful marriages?”……”Maybe money does grow on trees. Don’t all banks have branches?”

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